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Week 2 Recap

Hou 13 Cin 9
Bengals have had two home games, and zero touchdowns. They will not be able to fix their problems on the O-Line.

Ten 37 Jax 16
A very misleading final, these two were playing an even game, and it was going UNDER, then Jax imploded.

Clev 10 Balt 24
Baltimore is 2-0 vs. the inept Ohio Football teams. Life will get tougher vs. the rest of the league.

Buf 3 Car 9
Cam Newton missing receivers all over the field, including a wide open touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

NE 36 NO 20
Pats off a loss continues to be a solid money making spot year after year.  

Az 16 INDY 13
Carson Palmer is just horrible. If Jacoby Brissett had just had a few more weeks with Indy, they would have won this game.

Phi 20 KC 27
Eagles have a long injury list on Defense. Look for the Eagles to be involved in many shootouts.

Min 9 Pit 26
Bradford worth at least 3.5 points, vs. Keenum maybe more. The 2-0 Steelers have had a cupcake schedule. 

Chic 7 TB 26
Bears were the most injured team last year, and 2017 starting out the same. Trusbisky by Halloween?

Mia 19 LAC 17
NO team loses more close games than the Chargers. The Dolphin fans were louder than the Charger fans.

NYJ 20 OAK 45
Once again the 'sharp' money came in on the Jets, as it has for the last 3 years seemingly every week. Once again, it loses.

Wash 27 RAMS 20
Similar to the Titans game, the better team at 0-1 beat the worse team who came in 1-0. This one has been a moneymaker for years.

Dal 17 DEN 42
Uh-oh.  All those Defensive losses for Dallas ARE going to be a big problem. Ignore the Dallas win vs. the inept Gmen, THIS game paints the true picture.

SF 9 SEA 12
Weird game. Sea receivers drop two TD passes on the 1st 2 drives. However, there is no doubt the Sea offense got worse as the game progressed. Wilson is running the ball WAY too much, but it is the only way Sea can move the ball.

GB 23 ATL 34
Somewhat of a misleading final, Atl should have won, but by maybe 4 points. When GB plays any good team, bet on whoever is home.

Det 24 NYG 10

Eli is horrible, and McAdoo called him out during the post game conference, and THAT cannot be good for Chemistry. Beckham will improve but he will not be able to save this team from a lost season.

On the capping front, I am in action with two big releases for NFL week 3!

At 33-11 YTD in the NFL, I am going for a HUGE NFL year!