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               "Fezzik is a minor celebrity in the demimonde of serious Las Vegas gamblers." - Los Angeles Times

"Steve Fezzik developed a reputation as one of the sharpest high-stakes sports bettors in Las Vegas" - Yahoo Sports!

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Betting with an edge is a 24/7 job! Whenever you are 'offline' either not working or sleeping, you are losing some of your edge.

Part of the reason we have been able to do so well with the Bet Pro
Program is that we can spot great bets 24/7, and get at it/text it out whether it is 10pm PST, 7AM PST, or during the day.

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NFL Side free pick
479 PIT -3.0 (-110) Pinnacle vs 480 WAS

MNF in the NFL and we FIRE on the best team in the NFL.  The Steelers WERE the best team in the NFL, then they got hurt with big injuries which slowed their path to the Super Bowl.  DESPITE that, they were in position to beat Denver @Denver in the playoffs when their back up running back fumbled away the game.

I have the Steelers rated right now as the #1 team in the NFL.  They outscored their opponents in 2015 by 100 points.  Contrast that with the Redskins who parlayed an easy schedule and a crap division (Philly, Nyg, Dal were all losing teams) into a 9-7 Division title despite barely outscoring their opponents.  Wash didn't beat a winning team all year, and that was in their breakout 'aberration' lucky year.  They go back to being a losing team in 2016, and Pit wins this game by 7-10

Only guy I subscribe to year after year for MLB is Robert Marino at

     Fezzik Win Streaks

    86-61  3* BEST BETS
    NFL 105-84 L2 Years



                                                             Who is Steve Fezzik?

The undisputed King of Sports Contests (known as the Phil Helmuth of the Sports Betting World) with close to 1 million in documented contest winnings.

5 major football Contest Titles including back to back LVH (Hilton) NFL Championships vs. fields of 300 plus. 

4 2nd place finishes in major contests including two time Stardust Invitational Finalist.

Documented 6 year LVH Contest record hitting 56 percent.

Featured in numerous media articles/features including the LA times.

Widely regarded as one of the top overall advantage gamblers in the world.

Barred from playing Sports and/or Blackjack in numerous Las Vegas Casinos. 




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